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Who needs a personal trainer?

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Dec. 12th, 2008 | 10:22 pm

 Today Hattan walked us around the oasis.  Nelson and I decided to give him the day off from being ridden, but he still needed to get out and exercise his legs, and so did we, thus we headed out to walk the trails of the oasis.  We saw all the same things we saw yesterday, but on foot.  Hattan thinks he is a Hoover vacuum and stops to pick up and eat whatever is in his path:  palm leaves, sticks, clumps of dirt, wood shavings, you name it.  The only thing I did NOT see him pick up in his mouth were the peacock feathers!  He had a very good time playing with us, but annoys easily when bored and will impatiently bite at our clothes, trying to grab it and pull it.  He doesn't bite, but it'll hurt just as much if he does it by accident or on purpose, so he had to get a couple punches in the nose before he figured out that we seriously do not want him to nip at our clothes, even playfully.  His butt booboo has gone down considerably since I've been using my own liniment concoction and today he also tolerated being sprayed for flies.  He is also starting to trot out for us when we ask.  It's all coming together.  He's so smart and so fit already.  I have yet to get him to really break a sweat.  Tomorrow, we will scout the trails and measure out a course in kilometers so I can better rate speed and distance and we are going to seriously WORK.  I had thought to wait until March to try and qualify on our first 60 km, but perhaps we could move it up to February.  We'll see how it goes.  I'll check his recoveries and pulse tomorrow and see how it goes.  We've only been at this a couple of weeks so far.  He certainly needs a bigger challenge and more work than he's getting.  Continue to stay tuned!

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